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Corporate FAQ2016-02-27T23:09:13+00:00
Can i take the class only and schedule my test in my state.2020-11-19T08:28:29+00:00

Yes you can take only the class but testing is only for NJ residents. You will have to schedule testing in your state.

Do i have to reside in New Jersey To Test?2020-11-19T08:24:33+00:00

Yes, you must be an NJ Resident to test and graduate.

When do i get my Diploma?2020-11-19T08:20:58+00:00

You will get you diploma mailed to you from the Department of Education of NJ. It may take up to 6 weeks to be delivered.

What happens if i dont pass all the exams?2020-11-19T08:15:47+00:00

You cant graduate if you dont pass all the exams.

Can i take the exam online?2020-11-19T08:09:44+00:00

Please call us, we need to ask you questions to give you options.

What happens if i miss a class?2020-11-19T08:06:12+00:00

We have online video resources to help you. Please ask your professor for assistance.

Does the school Follow Disinfecting Practices?2020-11-19T08:02:40+00:00

We clean after a student uses a station.

Can i go to school instead of taking the class online?2020-11-19T08:00:01+00:00

Because of Covid 19, we teach most of our classes online, but we do have in-person classes if you need them.

Are the classes with a live teacher?2020-11-19T07:53:28+00:00

Yes, the class is live with a live teacher.

What makes you the best program?2020-11-19T07:49:08+00:00

We focus on teaching you the precise and concise material for each subject.

When will I get my test scores?2020-11-19T07:24:17+00:00

You can call us to check your scores the next day. Or you can check your test account online.

How long does it take to complete the GED test?2020-11-19T07:21:04+00:00

The test is 8 hour long, you can schedule to take it in 2 or 3 days.

How has the math changed?2020-11-19T07:20:26+00:00

You are only allowed to have a calculator on part of the test. You will also have about 85 minutes to completed. you must know algebra, arithmetic and geometry.

How is the new computer-based GED® test changed?2020-11-19T07:19:46+00:00

The old GED wash paper based ,it used to take longer to be graded, now you can have results the next day.

What happens if I already passed parts the GED test?2020-11-19T07:18:32+00:00

You need to come in person and bring proper identification to help you get the scores, or you may try calling the test provider for more info.

Can I take all the tests in one day?2020-11-19T07:17:09+00:00

No, the test is 8 hours long. You need two days to complete the test.

What subjects will the GED® cover?2020-11-19T07:15:46+00:00

Writing, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies skills will be evaluated.

1. What is the GED?2020-11-19T07:13:31+00:00

These are companies selected by the state of New Jersey to give the High school equivalent test.

What Documents do I need to Test?2020-11-19T06:38:06+00:00

Identification: Please provide a passport, driver’s license, permit,  school/college ID, voter registration, employee ID, or other photo identification, that has been issued by a public or private government agency.Proof of Address

Is GED Testing in spanish?2020-11-19T06:27:36+00:00

Testing is in Spanish & English Only.

Are you a legit program?2020-11-19T06:26:44+00:00

Yes, we are registered with the Board of Education of New Jersey.

Do you use Zoom for your online classes?2020-11-19T06:23:03+00:00

We have our own Online E_learning platform.

Are classes in Spanish?2020-11-19T06:20:35+00:00

Yes, Our Classes are both in English and Spanish.


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